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How To Find True Love

Have you been seeking love in all the wrong places and in too many faces, only to find more pain and hopelessness? There is no other perfect time to know more about the truth regarding your pursuit of true love than this moment. You do not have to engage in an endless pursuit not settle with just anyone. Because if you do, you’ll just lose yourself trying to please people who can never really be pleased. Instead of dragging yourself to survive the lack of love when you’re alone, you definitely need to redirect all these love and attention to the person who deserves it the most instead – you! This is important in order for you to recognize any inner healing that is important within you that has caused you to invest so much of your time and energy without any returns. True love is the result and trophy of the constant application and expression of self-love. This way, the value that is within you is honored. You would prefer to attend to yourself in order to make sure that you will eliminate anything that is within you that makes you so attracted to relationships which are less loving, honorable, and respectful. Your healing can be done quickly, because when you put your full attention into the true self love, your heart opens up and is ready to receive.

The most difficult part in accepting and acknowledging the true self love is because of the pain experiences from the past. Even on a subconscious level, this creates a fear of being open with your freedom of self-expression on all levels. The time to know the truth about the true love of the self is not tomorrow, but now. You need not carry the fear of being vulnerable with an open heart anymore. The energy of loving yourself far exceeds the fear of vulnerability. Self love may also manifest in the physical form. Masturbating, although some would argue that is it purely biological, is a way of expressing self love. There are items such as NeuEve vaginal creams to help you in your self-satisfaction. Not only does NeuEve help with dryness, it also helps with itchiness and atrophy. NeuEve is gluten-free, estrogen-free and hormone-free. NeuEve does NOT contain any petrochemicals, boric acid, parabens, BHT, T.E.A, M.E.A, urea, glycols, PEG’s, etc. NeuEve has never been tested on animals, and does not contain any animal products. No one else is denying the true form of love other than you. Other than you, no one else is taking away the type of relationship that you yourself truly deserve. Just remain being yourself and trust in your guts; these will guide you from loving yourself to loving others without having to compromise your self. In the end, nothing else matters but you and your self love – these will dictate the type of love you can give and share with other people. This is to say, true love is found within, not without.