Frequently Asked Questions About Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Individuals in and around the northeastern Massachusetts area who need primary or specialty medical care can visit the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. This nonprofit practice offers the services of various physicians and medical specialists. Read the questions and answers below to learn important information about Lahey Hospital.

What makes Lahey Hospital & Medical Center unique?

This practice was founded in 1923 by a medical doctor named Frank Lahey. He wanted to create a facility that could take care of every medical need of each patient. Since physicians of all specialties are available at the medical center, an individual’s primary doctor and the specialists can work together to create the best treatment plan for each individual. This set up is very convenient for patients and it’s also advantageous for treating any medical issues. This facility is also a teaching hospital for interns who attend Tufts University School of Medicine.

What are some physician specialties that are available at Lahey Hospital?

Lahey specialty departments include neurology, cardiology, dermatology, reconstructive surgery and reproductive medicine. This facility also specializes in critical care and emergency medicine for individuals who need medical treatment immediately. This hospital is also well known for its diagnosis, care and treatment of cancer patients. Specialists at Lahey can also provide kidney or liver transplants for individuals who need this type of life saving surgery.

What can patients expect when they visit Lahey Hospital & Medical Center for the first time?

Individuals will first need to make an appointment at the facility to see a primary physician or a specialist. Those who aren’t fluent in English can request an interpreter when they arrive at the facility for their appointment. Individuals who are hearing impaired can take advantage of the various resources that are offered at the facility including assistive listening systems and telephone amplifiers. After filling out the necessary forms and documents with their personal information and medical history, individuals can speak with the physician about their medical needs.

Individuals can receive excellent treatment and care when they schedule an appointment at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Learn more about this world renowned facility by reading additional Lahey Hospital details on LinkedIn.